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UniCredit Leasing and Cisco launch easylease financing program Fast, simple and favourable acquisition of state of the art ICT technology

Belgrade, September 14th 2016

UniCredit Leasing and Cisco today announced the launch of easylease in Serbia. This innovative financing program is designed to help SMBs adopt state-of-the-art technology quickly and easily, with minimal upfront investment and through affordable monthly repayments.


Financial leasing for construction equipment

You need new equipment? You would like to invest in new technology? Or to expand you production capacity? The purchase of JCB construction equipment, via UniCredit Leasing’s financial leasing represents optimal solution for your business plans.



UniCredit Leasing chosen for participation in Government Program of support to small enterprises for purchase of equipment

Belgrade, June 2nd 2016

In accordance with its business strategy which includes providing support to development of small enterprises segment, UniCredit Leasing Serbia entered this year the Program of support of small enterprises for equipment purchase, implemented by Ministry of Economy of Republic of Serbia and Development agency of Serbia.



Extremely competitive conditions for the purchase of new agricultural machinery

Belgrade, May 19th 2016

UniCredit Leasing Serbia prepared special terms for the purchase of new agricultural machinery of prestigious brand JCB, which, in the domestic market, is represented by Masferg Agro Equipment Ltd. from Novi Sad. Namely, with fixed nominal interest rate of only 1.39% per annum and repayment period of 24 months, all legal entities and farmers have the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment and thus significantly improve their production capacities. UniCredit Leasing's offer, valid until June 30th 2016, is specially prepared for 83rd International Agricultural Fair.



Purchase new Škoda with fixed interest rate of 1.99%

Belgrade, March 21st 2016.

UniCredit Leasing, in cooperation with AutoČačak, prepared for all visitors of this year car fair „BG CarShow“ extremely favorable terms for purchase of new Škoda vehicles on leasing indexed in euros. Offer isvalid for both private individuals and legal entities, as well as for entrepreneurs who want to purchase newpassenger or commercial vehicle, and includes fixed interest rate of only 1.99% and repayment period up to 60 months.


Leasing with fixed interest rate in domestic currency

Belgrade, March 14th 2016.

UniCredit Leasing will also this year participate at „BG Car Show“, which, for the fifth time will be held on Belgrade fair in period from March 17th till 23rd. For all visitors of this manifestation this leasing company prepared special offer for financing in dinars and euros intended for purchase of new passenger and commercial vehicles.



UniCredit Leasing remains leader for new business and equipment financing

Belgrade, February 18th 2016

Local leasing market recorded an increase last year, and UniCredit Leasing managed to additionally strengthen leading position when it comes to new business. Namely, thanks to improvement of products and services tailor made in accordance with needs of each client individually, total amount of new business at the end of 2015 exceeded EUR 38 million. Therefore, the company recorded an increase of over 17% in comparison with 2014 and reached 15.8% of market share.



UniCredit Leasing’s special offer for purchase of new JCB construction machinery

Belgrade, May 26th 2015

In cooperation with Terra Serbia Ltd, UniCredit Leasing Serbia and JCB Finance created favourable terms of financial leasing for purchase of new construction machinery produced by prestigious world brand JCB. Namely, within the action, all legal entities have the posibility to, with fixed nominal interest rate of 0.99% per annum and financing period up to 24 months, procure mini and midi excavators capacity from 2 to 8 tons and in that way significantly expand their production capacities. This offer is valid until June 30th 2015.


UniCredit Leasing financed new Ikarbus’s buses for AutoTransport Pančevo

Pančevo, May 25th 2015

In the ceremonial hall of the Museum of the City of Pancevo, on May 25th 2015, a contract has been signed for procurement of 12 new Ikarbus buses for public utility company Auto Transport Pancevo (ATP), financed by UniCredit Leasing Serbia. Delivery of the buses is planned by the end of this year.


UniCredit Leasing’s special offer for purchase of agricultural equipment and mehanization

Belgrade, May 8th 2015

In the frame of upcoming International Agricultural Fair, which takes place in Novi Sad, from May 9th till 15th, UniCredit Leasing created special offer for purchase of agricultural equipment and mehanization via financial leasing, with fixed nominal interest rate of 4.49% for period of financing up to 36 months. Registred farms, entrepreneurs and legal entities engaged in agricultural production have the opportunity to benefit from this action until May 31st and to repay installment semi-annually, in accordance with seasonal inflow of funds.



UniCredit Leasing succesfully finished first quarter

Belgrade, April 29th 2015

Thanks to the efforts to maintain quality in daily business, as well as products and services created in accordance with the needs of clients, UniCredit Leasing in the first quarter of this year managed to retain its leadership position in the market when it comes to new business. The total financed value exceeded the amount of EUR 9 million, which is more than double compared to the first quarter of the previous year. This growth influenced the market share of this leasing company which increased to over 24%, when a new business is concerned.



UniCredit Leasing’s special offer lasts until the end of April

Belgrade, March 24th 2015

UniCredit Leasing, one of the leading leasing companies, present in Serbia for over a decade, this year as well will participate on International Motor Show, which is held from March 20th till 29th 2015, on Belgrade Fair. considering the needs and wishes of existing and potential clients, for this occasion UniCredit Leasing created special offers for financing Škoda vehicles and other brands for phisical and legal entities and enterpreneurs. Due to the great interest, the offers will last until April 30th.



UniCredit Leasing Serbia improved its business in 2014

Belgrade, February 11th 2015

UniCredit Leasing Serbia, despite very turbulent environment on the domestic market, managed to improve its business in the previous year. Thanks to the strong strategy and products tailored made to meet client’s needs , this leasing company has achieved remarkable results both when it comes to new business and financing equipment. The total financed value of new business at the end of 2014 reached a value of EUR 32.68 million, marking thus an increase of over 23% compared to 2013. Thanks to this kind of business organization, UniCredit Leasing has managed to retain its leadership position on the market when it comes to new business, achieving a market share of 13.98%.



UniCredit Leasing Serbia socially responsible in 2014 as well

Belgrade, January 26th 2015

Guided by the value system of mother company based on integrity, and in accordance with its strategy of corporate social responsibility, UniCredit Leasing Serbia has, in the last year, 2014, directed its activities on providing support to vulnerable categories and to the local communities in which it operates.



UniCredit Leasing at new location in Novi Sad

Novi Sad, December 29th 2014

From December 29th 2014 UniCredit Leasing will be located at new address in Novi Sad, in Danila Kiša 3, entrance from Bulevar oslobođenja, and new premises will be within the UniCredit Bank’s branch.



UniCredit Leasing Serbia first on the market for new business and financing equipment

Belgrade, November 14th 2014

Despite numerous challenges in the area, UniCredit Leasing Serbia in the third quarter of 2014 continued to further improve its business. This leasing company recorded remarkable results both when it comes to new business segment, as well as within the field of financing equipment. Namely, for the first nine months of this year, total financing value of new business reached the amount of EUR 25.93 million, registering thereby a growth of 31% in comparison with the same period in 2013. This result enabled UniCredit Leasing to improve its market position, in comparison with the third quarter of last year, and to reach market share of 14.86% in this segment.



UniCredit Leasing Serbia at new adress

Belgrade, October 29th 2014

UniCredit Leasing, which is present in Serbia for 10 years, starting from November 3rd 2014. will be located at new adress, in Omladinskih brigada 90v, within the business center Airport City.



UniCredit Leasing Serbia reached leading position on the market

Belgrade, August 5th 2014

Despite numerous challenges that characterized both Serbian market and markets of the countries in the region and despite the lack of demand, UniCredit Leasing Serbia managed to take over the leading position, considering total financing value, on the local leasing market in second quarter of 2014. This leasing company has also improved its position in all financing segments comparing to the first three months of this year.


UniCredit Leasing Serbia continues with strong performance

Belgrade, August 22nd 2014

UniCredit Leasing Serbia achieved solid business results in the first half of 2014 and to preseve the leading position on the market when segment of financing equipment of various industries is concerned. At the same time, this leasing company managed to additionaly improve its performance when financing vehicles capacity up to 3.5t is concerned.



UniCredit Leasing realized the most valuable transaction on the Serbian leasing market so far in 2014

Belgrade, June 10th 2014

At the beginning of the second quarter of 2014, UniCredit Leasing Serbia and company SBB signed a financial leasing contract in the overall amount of EUR 5 million. The respective transaction is a result of long-term collaboration of UniCredit Leasing and companies SBB and Cisco, which are recognized as leaders in their respective areas of business. At the same time, this is the most valuable transaction so far in 2014 for entire leasing market in Serbia. This financing enabled SBB to acquire the most modern Cisco equipment which will be installed in households of SBB clients. These Set-top box and home gateway devices will enable SBB users to watch television programs via digital signals and to connect to the Internet in a quicker and easier manner.



UniCredit Leasing’s special offer will last until the end of April

Belgrade, April 14th 2014

During the 4th BG Car Show, UniCredit Leasing presented special offer for financing vehicles for legal and physical entities, which will last until April 30th 2014. Within the offer and due to collaboration with different vendors, this leasing company offers its clients Leasing Plus, an adequately solution for financing vehicles, with financing period of 60 months, at interest rates ranging from 2.99 %.



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