About us

UniCredit Leasing first appeared on the local market in 2004, as HVB Leasing. Due to international know-how access of 35 specialist staff and a wide network of branch offices, UniCredit Leasing Serbia is successfully serving all categories of clients, residents and local enterprises as well as large and international companies.

Company name: UniCredit Leasing Serbia ltd

Address: Jurija Gagarina 12, Belgrade Business Center

Identification number: 17556797

Tax number: 103374714

Members of Executive board

Željko Lazarac, president of Executive board

Ratko Petrović, member of Executive board


Members of Supervisory board

Csilla Ihasz, president of Supervisory board
Alberto Onesti, deputy President of Supervisory board
Enrico Verdoscia, member of Supervisory board
Svetlana Kisić Zajčenko, independent member of Supervisory board
Boris Begović, independent member of the Supervisory board


Information about  UniCredit Leasing Serbia Ltd found on this page can be used only for informational purpose and are not part of UniCredit Bank Serbia JSC products or services. For any questions, please contact UniCredit Leasing Serbia via phone on 0113093500 or via e-mail ucl-sales@unicreditgroup.rs in order to avoid risk of possible misinterpretation. These information are orderly updated and can be changed in accordance with current business policy.

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