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UniCredit is a leading European commercial bank with strong roots in 16 countries. Our overall global network embraces approximately 50 markets with around 6,300 branches and more than 119,000 employees.

UniCredit Bank Serbia

In the CEE Region, UniCredit runs the largest and most diversified international banking network with more than 3,000 branches.UniCredit operates in the following countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Hungary.

Our identity
UniCredit Bank ensures a high quality level of services in country and abroad.
Management and Governance
UniCredit Bank organizational structure.
Business model
We are contributing to economic development and job creation in the countries where we operate.
Our Brand
We are a leading European commercial bank, focused on real-life customer needs.
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Financial statements of UniCredit Bank Serbia, which were prepared in accordance with the Law and local Regulations.

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Financial statements of UniCredit Bank Serbia.

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The importance that public relations have in business is undeniable, and it increased every day more and more. In this part, the communication with media stands out as very important part, because it is essential to communicate with all stakeholders in controlled and creative way.

Media contact: pr@unicreditgroup.rs

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Our success is based on the quality of your professional team! Fairness, transparency, respect, reciprocity, trust and freedom of action are values that constitute UniCredit Integrity Chart.

Work with Us
UniCredit offers equal opportunities for both genders and respect for all nations and cultures.
What are we offering
We are one of the largest and most important financial institutions.
We provide opportunities to graduates to continue their studies.
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Following the parent group value system based on integrity, UniCredit Bank is participating in many activities aiming at investing in local communities in which it operates in order to support young people, vulnerable groups, culture and the youngest in sport. Involving in social responsibility activities, we try to reconfirm each time a status of a socially responsible citizen in Serbia.

Micro marketing project
Working with local communities is one of the main mission of the UniCredit
Idea for a better tomorrow
Your ideas run all
Mobile Phones
M Banking

Make your banking transactions anytime and anywhere, from home, at work, while you are walking around town or on a lunch break, at home and abroad. With UniCredit Bank e-banking service, everything is much easier.

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Contact Centre
+ 381 11 3777 888
Dialling this number is charged at the rate of a local call from any place in Serbia
Rajićeva 27-29,
11000 Beograd

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