To entrepreneurs who are the owners of medical practices, lawyer offices, accounting agencies, pharmacies, architectural and consulting agencies, and many others we offer standardized products and services that will help you to further improve your business performance.


You need financial support for furnishing your business? You only have to choose a product or service that suits you the most, and we will enable you to realize in full your business plan!

Working capital
You have an urgent need for financial support, and you want to repay your loan in a 12 months period?
Credit Cards
Solution That Can Help Your Business Grow.
Investment loan
Based on your needs you can decide between Investment Loan for Business Premises and Investment Loan for Machinery and Equipment!


Do you need a flexible solution for your business? Our account packages provide solutions to meet the needs of businesses.

Account Packages
Would you like to use the entire spectrum of banking products and services with a single and an affordable price?
How many times have you failed to complete all your plans, due to belated payments on your account?
Debit cards
You wish to have a full control over your company’s daily expenses?
Electronic banking
Make your payments in the move, fast and safe, and with the access to your account 24 hours, 7 days in a week!
SMS Info
With SMS Info service you can stay updated on your Banking transactions.


Interest rate income based on deposit is a secure way to increase profitability.

Term deposits
Best solution when you have extra cash on your bank account.

My Goals

Mobile Phones
M Banking

M banking service is currently available only for Private individuals.

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