Account Overdraft

Many good plans fail to come true just due to shortage of cash! How many times have you failed to complete all your plans, due to belated payments on your account? UniCredit Bank provides all entrepreneurs with Account Overdraft for solving all unanticipated situations.


  • Client is registered in Serbia
  • The client conducts its core business for a minimum of two years
  • Package Account Profi /Premium opened in UniCredit Bank
  • In case of entrepreneurs who maintain account ledgers, a positive business result for previous two years is necessary
  • All tax liabilities have been settled and paid.
  • Company’s account was frozen for maximum of 15 days


  • Maximum loan amount: EUR 40,000 in dinar countervalue
  • Nominal interest rate: 22% annually
  • Effective interest rate: from 22,08% annually
  • Repayment period: 12 months


The cost of maintaining the account (if the client is not already a user of RSD current account in the Bank), variable:

  • 499/799 RSD monthly
  • The cost of maintaining the account is changed once a year, on the last working day of the first calendar quarter
  • System relative to the change in the annual rate of growth of consumer prices (data officially published on the NBS website -
  • The amount of the cost of maintaining the account increases in the amount of 90% of the total annual growth rate of consumer prices (inflation), or decreases in the amount of 90% of the height of deflation. In this way, the changed amount of the cost of maintaining the account is applied in the following year.
  • The amount of the cost of maintaining the account is always rounded to a whole number, rounding to the lower decimal point.

Other costs:

  • Cost of obtaining report from the Credit Bureau: 600.00 RSD Basic report for the legal person-entrepreneur (according to one report), based on a report on the guarantor 102.00 RSD (individual - owning entrepreneur) *
  • The cost of bill of exchange 50 RSD per bill *

* Estimated costs in dinars (absolute amount)

Purpose and manner loan withdrawal

  • The amount of the maximum permitted overdraft of the client’s dinar current account, in dinars.

For all additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Info telephone 011/ 3777 888 or visit one of our branch offices throughout Serbia.

Important notice

If you would like to get acquainted with the banking terminology in order to understand better our products and services, please visit official web site of National Bank of Serbia on the following link:

Overdraft amount NIR annually, fixed EIR annually Total amount of interest paid by the client within 6 months, if overdraft is used in full for all 6 months (interest is charged quarterly) Repayment period
RSD 2.000.000,00 22,00% 22,10% RSD 442.410,96 12 month


EIR is calculated on 02.10.2015. The cost of the blank bill and a credit bureau report are included in calculation.

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