Small and medium-sized enterprises

We are able to provide you with standardized products and services which are especially created to make your business even better.

For all small and medium-sized enterprises with overall annual turnover of up to EUR 1,000,000, we offer a wide range of products and services tailor-made in accordance with their needs.

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POS & eCommerce

Sell your products and services on the online store in a safe environment and in real-time.


Do you have an urgent need for money?
All you need to do is choose what the best is for you, and we will then enable you to realize all your business plans!

Working capital
How many times did you find yourself in a situation that you miss just a small amount of funds to close a big job?
Investment loan
How many times have you found yourselves in the situation where you cannot meet your clients’ demands?
Credit Cards
Solution That Can Help Your Business Grow.


Do you need a flexible solution for your business? Our account packages provide solutions to meet the needs of businesses.

Account Packages
Select one of UniCredit Bank’s Account Packages for small and medium-sized enterprises.
UniCredit Bank provides Account Overdraft to SMEs for solving all unanticipated situations.
Debit cards
Choose one of UniCredit Bank’s debit cards from designed for small and medium-size companies.
Electronic banking
UniCredit Bank offers you e-banking solution and expertise of one of the leading European banking groups.
SMS Info
With SMS Info service you can stay updated on your Banking transactions.


Interest rate income based on deposit is a secure way to increase profitability.

Term deposits
Best solution when you have extra cash on your bank account.

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Mobile Phones
M Banking

M banking service is currently available only for Private individuals.

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