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Its aim is to identify, finance and promote people and enterprises that have a positive social impact.

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Social Impact Banking

Social Impact Banking is UniCredit's commitment to building a fairer and more inclusive society. Its aim is to identify, finance and promote people and enterprises that have a positive social impact. 

Following the successful 1st year in Italy, Social Impact Banking (SIB) is being rolled out in additional markets of UniCredit Group in 2019 with the same core purpose of looking beyond economic returns in our investments to achieve tangible and positive effects. 

The SIB model is being extended to Germany, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and will be adapted in each market according to local needs.


Social Impact Banking is our way of helping people at risk of financial exclusion and organizations dedicated to tackling social problems. It is about building trust, investing in talent and merit, and providing people and organizations access to expertise, credit, and networks, ensuring mutual growth through patient, non-profit capital investment.

Helping to develop the communities where we operate is a cornerstone of our mission as a bank.

" We don't want to be just lenders, but also the drivers and  facilitators of change to better our society. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                Jean Pierre Mustier, UniCredit Chief Executive Officer



Our ambition is to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. In particular, we have chosen to focus on promoting quality education (Goal 4), developing initiatives for the good health and well-being of disadvantaged people (Goal 3), championing gender equality (Goal 5), supporting job creation and economic growth (Goal 8), and reducing inequality (Goal 10).

We are not alone in working towards these goals. With the support of a variety of like-minded partners who share our objectives, we have built a broad network to champion the sustainable development goals (Goal 17).

Key Concepts


We develop long-term relationships with the businesses we support and with our partners.


We help deserving organizations to prosper, ones that should serve to inspire others. This is why we believe that monitoring and measuring outcomes and social impacts is essential for sponsored projects to grow.


We support initiatives that generate a positive social impact on people and the community. We help them achieve their goals, by providing not only finance but also expertise and support networks. By doing so, we can strengthen our ties with the communities where we work.


We provide finance, expertise and networks for deserving projects and people, retaining an open-minded approach to external needs and ideas in order to foster a growth process that works both ways.


How we help social initiatives


We finance projects and organizations that are otherwise excluded from traditional banking products and social enterprises that have a positive impact on society.


We share our financial expertise and support organizations in their growth, to help them do what they do best.


We build networks uniting various community players, share positive experiences, and raise awareness of the most deserving initiatives to help magnify their impact.

UniCredit has long been engaged in a number of social initiatives. The launch of Social Impact Banking marks a significant increase in our level of commitment, with three action areas leading towards the final goal of having a positive social impact in the communities where we work.


This stream will provide competitively priced investment loans to companies that broaden employment and inclusion or whose objective is to have a social impact in areas, for example those that enable finding a first job or supporting other vulnerable categories. The programme is also designed to support social innovation as a positive driver of change.


All our branches will offer competitively priced loans and expertise and support to microenterprises, profit and not-for-profit associations that strengthen and promote inclusion and one of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.  Bank offer will consist of working capital and Investment loans. Tenor for WC up to 36 months while for investment up to 84 months. Max amount EUR 25.000. Additionally, thanks to a network of internal volunteers, Bank will offer different trainings, while our partner Smart Kolektiv will support start-ups in creating business plans and provide advisory services. Thus, bank will support this segment to grow and develop.


We promote financial literacy as a way to support micro-businesses and social enterprises as they start up. Our investments target and support vulnerable groups, in particular young people and those at risk of exclusion, by building greater financial awareness to enable their inclusion. 

We invest in national programs to help get students into jobs (such as Alternating School & Work in Italy), offering financial education and entrepreneurial training.

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