easylease 0% financing program

Purchase of right technology for your business just got easier ...

Right technology brings more efficiency and productivity to your company. It connects employees, customers seem happier and provides greater security and flexibility. However, due to continued pressure on cash flows and daily budget reallocations, investing in technology can be an aggravating factor for your business.

Therefore, UniCredit Leasing, in cooperation with Cisco created easylease 0% financing program that enables simple purchase of Cisco technology solutions. In this way, you are able to:

  • Accelerate the introduction of new technologies: Financing allows you to purchase complete "end-to-end" solutions through procurement of hardware, software and services, regardless of your budget, wherever your company needs.
  • Reduce overall costs and pressure on cash flows: No need to pay large amounts in advance. By sharing cost to 24 months, you provide place for investing funds in priorities of your business.
  • Be flexible and align technology with your business plans: You can upgrade or take ownership of the equipment after the expiry of the lease.

**Purchase price of new equipment without VAT.

For more information please contact easylease team - easylease_serbia@external.cisco.com

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