Products of Custody business Unit

UniCredit Bank Serbia is a leader in custody business in our market as a bank with the longest tradition in providing these types of services, UniCredit allows domestic and foreign investors easier and safer operations with bonds issued in domestic and foreign markets.

  • Clearing and settlement of transactions with domestic and foreign bonds
    UniCredit as a member of Central registry, depot and clearing of bonds, enables clients settlement (transfer of ownership and payment) on the basis of domestic bonds. Thanks to its own wide international network, the bank on the behalf of clients also settles bond transactions on world markets
  • Keeping of bonds of foreign and domestic issuers
    The bank maintains accounts on which domestic and foreign issuers bonds are registered and which are owned by their clients, also taking care of the realisation of their rights
  • Reporting on important events (corporate activities)
    UniCredit regularly monitors the activities of domestic and foreign bond issuers and informs customers about excercising their rights deriving from bond ownership.
  • Representing clients at shareholders meetings
    UniCredit can represent its clients at shareholders meetings and vote for their account in accordance to clients order.
  •  Collection of dividends, interest, coupons and other income from ownership in domestic and foreign bonds on behalf of clients
  • Client reporting
    Regularly informing customers about the changes and the state of the bonds that the bank takes on their behalf
  • Informations about capital market
  • Administration and calculation of the value of assets of domestic funds
    As a licenced custody bank, specially for domestic voluntary pension and investment funds, Uni credit provides custody services in accordance with the Law  about voluntary pension funds and pension plans and the Law about investment funds.

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