Payment Services

We have developed both standard payment solutions and special collection solutions adapted to your company's activity.

Funds collecting

  • Secure and fast way of delivery, withouth wasting time queing at the Bank counters
  • Delivery via daily safes
  • Recording of payments in a very short time-period
  • Advice in the selection of companies for the transportation and collection of cash


  • According to the specially signed contracts with clients, it is possible to carry out the payment of all employees´ net wages through a single transfert order
  • Top confidentiality of the amounts of wages of individual employees
  • That a client has only one transaction of the total amount of net wages on the account statement
  • Fast and efficient way of payment of wages

 Long-term orders

  • They represent a possibility of a client to authorize a Bank to perform certain periodical payments on her behalf. This enables the client to automatically settle all the liabilities due.

Direct debit

  • Direct debit represents a transaction initiated by the creditor (the issuer of the account), following the authorization by the natural person (debtor), with the goal of automatic collection of funds from the debtor´s account
  • Direct debit is a service that is used for the repayment of the constant monthly bills (liabilities). Typical use of Direct Debit services is: monthly payments of telecommunication, public utilities and electricity services bills, monthly insurance liabilities, repayment of credit wars or credit card liabilities, etc.
  • Direct debit represents one of the most common methods of paying in European Union, 1 out of 3 main payment system pillars in European Union with more than 22billions of payments in 2010.
  • It allows automatic process of payment of regural monthly liabilities


Flash payments

  • A product that enables payments in EUR within UniCredit Group, payments in a currency of execution the same day, as well as in more favorable tariffs.

Payments in a currency of execution the same day

  • It enables payments in the currency of execution the same day out of UniCredit Group through wide-spread correspondence network of banks.

Regular Payments

  • Towards foreign countries take place through widespread correspondence network of banks in a currency of execution the next day (t+1) with a transparent tariff.

Bills of exchange and authorizations

  • Registration of bills of exchange with NBS whose reception takes place in branch offices in paper form or via electronic delivery of the predefined file. Also, Bank carries out the collection of bills of exchange and authorizations.
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