Electronic Channels

Web-based electronic applications and other secured channels.

Transaction banking is the job guided with innovations and UniCredit Group is dedicated to provide the best: the most modern and secure solution.

Our E-banking solutions are one of the key factors for the maintenance and reinforcement of the leading position in the area of Corporate Internet Banking in Central and Eastern Europe countries.

BusinessNet Professional

  • E-Banking application which is a product of UniCredit Group which is successfully used across 14 countries of CEE, is a very modern and sophisticated software, that is constantly updated.
  • Access to this software is allowed to any computer that has internet access. A Token device, which generates a single password for the access to and signing of the payment orders, is used as a security facility to access the application. Among other advantages, it should be also mentioned that with one username multiple legal entities that have the accounts with UniCredit Bank, both in Serbia and across Europe where the UniCredit Bank operates, can access the accounts.

Halcom E-Bank

  • The most widespread e-banking solution in Serbia allows the connection of multiple user accounts in many banks in Serbia, to a single smart card for the access to the application.
  • This is a PC (Windows) application that has to be instlled on the computer that corresponds to application requirements.
  • There are two versions of this application, and those are:
    Personal (for one user) and
    Corporate ( for many e-banking users, it pertains client-server architecture based on IBM DB2 platform).


  • Is application aimed for the users whose parent companies in Western Europe have this application and base the preparation and signing of orders from many distant points. The access to application and signing of the order is provided by an electronic key stored on an USB device.
  • This application enables the user to use as many payment modules from different countries as needed. Therefore, from one place it is possible to manipulate with the accounts of many different countries and payment transactions both in domestic and foreign payment system.

European gate

This product is a centralized system of payment management with one point of access for all countries in which it is active.
According to the simplified  procedure, it allows for the access to all accounts that a client has within UniCredit Group through one bank.
Supported payment formats are all national formats in the countries participating in European Gate, SWIFT MT101/104, UN/EDIFACT, SAP-IDOC, XML ISO 20022.

SWIFT MT 940 / 942

MT940 is a report about the account balance at the end of day, as well as MT942 (transaction reports) through the SWIFT message system, via e-banking applications and European Gate, both within the Group and in other banks.


Swift message type 101 allows for the transfer of funds from the account abroad both in the domestic and foreign payment system.

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