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We provide a wide range of solutions regarding card issuance and acceptance for payment.

MasterCard Business

MasterCard business is credit card for UniCredit Bank’s clients with the status of legale entities.

This card offers numerous advantages to card holders. Besides it facilitates everyday activities it also enables good cost control.

Credit limit that the card user has on its disposal depend on the credit ability of the legal entity, while card holder, company, can define a different credit limit for every card user.

The account statement on transactions is sent once a month, and the card holder (company) is obligated to deposit the full amount of used limit until the 15th day in a month.

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Visa Electron Business

Visa Electron business is a debit card designed for legal entities who wish to have a full control over their company’s daily expenses.

This debit card for large companies can be used at ATMs, as well as on POS terminals (Point of Sales).

Besides that, Visa Electron business debit card offers its users maximum security since it is featured by 100% safety in the authorization process!

By choosing Visa Electron business card, all parties included in its usage are guaranteed maximum security - card holder, employees and issuer.

For all transaction made with this card, the company’s account is debited.

Visa Gold Business

Visa Gold business is internationally accepted debit card, issued to legal entities, clients of UniCredit Bank.

The card is intended for business purposes of employees who have all appropriate authorizations. Authorized persons can use this card for payment of hotel and catering bills, travel costs, gasoline, etc.

Like Visa Electron, this card can be used at all ATM and POS terminals.

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UniCredit Bank Serbia provides POS terminals to contracting retailers which accept world's leading brands of payment cards, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, regardless of the bank and the country of the issuer, as well as the national payment card DINA. In addition, there is also a possibility for acceptance of UnionPay International cards.

UniCredit Bank’s POS terminals are the most modern and safest devices on the market. Realization of card transactions at point of sale executed by the chip technology significantly reduces the risk of misuse of payment cards, both for the buyer and for the seller.

In addition to standard Dialup POS terminals, UniCredit Bank offers the possibility of equipping with mobile POS terminals that are not permanently connected to the power supply, or for a fixed telephone line, due to the fact that communication is ensured by GPRS technology. These POS terminals are designed primarily for restaurants, hotels, etc.

UniCredit Bank’s POS terminals can use the network infrastructure to communicate with authoritative servers, as well as to connect to the PC trot, which significantly reduces the possibility of error when entering the transaction amount.

Advantages of using POS terminals

  • Collaboration with the bank which follows the trends in card business
  • Support through Help Desk 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Partner who is open for suggestions and ideas regarding the improvement of cooperation
  • Installment payment with UniCredit Bank’s cards
  • Easy and fast payment
  • Reducing the risk and cost of operating with the cash
  • Joint promotional activities at retail stores

For more information, send an e-mail to or call Contact center of UniCredit Bank on 011 3777 888.





eCommerce service of UniCredit Bank provides retailers, legal entities registered in Republic of Serbia, who have a web shop, with the possibility to sell its products and services through credit cards in a safe environment and in real time.

eCommerce service of UniCredit Bank was developed in accordance with MasterCard and VISA credit card associations’ guidelines, using the safest standards for cards payments in the internet environment – 3D Secure standard (MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA). This means that if user’s VISA or MasterCard credit cards participate in this program, the buyer will be requested for additional authentication to confirm that he/she is using the card.

Key advantages of using eCommerce services

  • Sales of goods and services can be performed at any time, it is available 24 hours 7 days in a week
  • Available for VISA and MasterCard credit cards from all over the world
  • Currently the safest standards for the purchase with credit cards on the internet
  • Loading card’s data is being performed on a secure page, the Retailer does not have access to card’s data
  • Lower costs of establishment and maintenance of the web shops in comparison to classic shops


  • One-time payments by credit and debit VISA/MasterCard payment cards
  • Purchase in installments with UniCredit Bank’s credit cards
  • Transaction currency – RSD
  • The customer has possibility to choose the method of payment:
  • The immediate payment while purchasing goods and services that are available immediately (ex. payment of bills)
  • Reservation of funds with subsequent completion of the transaction (possibility of partial completion of the transaction)

The process of application and implementation

  • It is necessary for retailer to have opened the web shop and business account in UniCredit Bank in order to complete and sign the questionnaire and application form (for start-up projects the business plan for development of web shop is required)
  • To provide additional documentation at the bank’s request or the one that is required by the law and regulations of credit cards associations for internet sale of specific products and services
  • Based on submitted documentation the bank will conduct analysis of trader’s business, feasibility estimation for eCommerce operations and submit an offer
  • After trader accept the offer and sign the agreement, the bank will provide access to a test environment and after successful implementation of eCommerce interface on trader’s web site and verification of the test environment, bank will allow trader to use eCommerce services in production environment.
For more information please contact us on following email or call our Contact Center.
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