Cash Loan

for pensioners

  • Down payment or deposits: 0%

  • At least a month of retirement

Use the calculator below to see results

I need to borrow RSD.
I can repay loan in months.
My monthly income is RSD.
I am years old.
My obligations in RSD .
My obligations in EUR .

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The use of credit products with variable interest rates indexed in foreign has risk of changing monthly annuities. These changes may occur due to a change in the variable part of the nominal interest rate or a change in the foreign exchange rate. On the following link, you can see how these changes would affect the overall repayment plan.

Displayed results based on the inputs and parameters you entered into credit calculator can be used for informational purposes only and does not produce an obligation for the Bank to provide service. The calculation is shown in accordance with the General Business Conditions of the Bank which reserves the right to amend the provisions of this document. The Bank makes a decision on the provision of banking services in accordance with the conditions specified in the General Business Conditions and creditworthiness assessment.

In accordance with the Financial Services Consumer Protection Law, we would like to bring to your attention that providing of banking services indexed in foreign currency bears foreign exchange risk. In case of dinar strengthening, monthly installment amount will be lower, or it will be higher in the case of dinar depreciation.

*We offer you to make an appointment in order to find an alternative solution, since this type of loan cannot be approved on the basis of the parameters entered in the calculator.

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