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With mBanking expert application you can

  • Make payments including instant payments

  • See all your transactions

  • Do currencies exchange

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Pay whenever you want, fast and safe

mBanking application ensures safe and fast access to accounts, notifications and information from the bank, providing you with full control over your finances regardless of the branches’ working hours.

Main functionalities:

  • Insight of balance and transactions of all your accounts, loans and cards (debit and credit) - data, transactions, liabilities
  • All types of domestic payments including instant payments
  • Currencies exchange
  • Locating the nearest branch or ATM – in the country and abroad
  • "Scan and pay" – scanning the data directly from the payment slips, without typing data
  • Fingerprint logging - without entering a PIN
  • Quick check of status - check the account balance without logging into the application
  • mCash - withdraw money from a ATM without a card
  • Card block and daily limits

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Block card

If you want to block the card because you suspect you have lost it or temporarily disable its use, you can do this through the application. You can reactivate the card in the same way. If you think that there has been abuse, we advise you to call our Contact Center at 011/3777 888.

podesavanje kartica mBanking

*When a bank blocks a card, you will not be able to activate it yourself.

podesavanje kartica mBanking

Consumption limits

You can increase or decrease daily limit for credit card usage, permanently or one-off. If you choose to change the limit for one day, your limit will return to the default setting on the next calendar day. Limits can be set for different channels - for ATMs, points of sale or payments over the Internet. For example, if you do not make online payments, you can turn off that channel by setting a limit to zero. However, if at some point you want to buy something online, it is enough to change the limit to desired amount.

All settings - blocking and unblocking, as well as limit changes are active as soon as you save changes to the application.

The total limit for all channels for using a credit card on a daily basis is 500,000 dinars, therefore individual limits in the sum cannot exceed this amount.

Changing daily limits is possible only within the approved credit limit per card.

The application is available for all devices with Android ili iOS operating system, and you can apply for mBanking in any UniCredit Bank branch.

If you are already registered for this service, you can activate mBanking without coming to the branch, just by using your payment card and following the steps from the picture.


mCash option will enable fast and easy cash withdrawall from our ATM machines.

mToken is a functionality within the mBanking application that generates a one-time password for identifying users when using an eBanking application providing a safe, simple and fast way of financial operation.

With mToken you can access the eBanking application and sign payment orders.

No Internet connection is required for mToken's work.

mBanking expert

Do you want to know how much you spend monthly for food, cosmetics, wardrobe? That is easy, in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night our mBanking expert application categorizes all your expenses correctly. All you need to do is to search for transactions by keyword, category, or amount. Your advisor is here to help you to save for some nice trip!

Your finances from a different perspective

Do you enjoy the day spent in the coziness of your home, because you have decided to dedicate one day to yourself? And then remember that you need to go to the bank to pay your phone bill... Just relax and don’t worry, because current and savings accounts, credit cards, overdraft, loans and notifications are now available in your Expert mBanking application!

Financial support

Your financial advisor, as well as our application, are available whenever you need them! You knew that, didn’t you? But now thanks to chat, our support and help are available to you at any time, regardless of the bank's working hours.

User manual for Smart mBanking and mToken application

Download pdf for more details

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