Bank acts as an insurance agency for the following insurance companies:

  • Wiener Stadtische insurance
  • Generali insurance
  • DDOR


Insurance products:

  • Non-life insurance
    • property insurance
  • Life insurance
    • Risk insurance and life saving insurance

Non-life insurance

  • Properti insurance (house, apartment, office) can be arranged as reqired collateral for housing loans, but also for individual needs.
  • Asset can be assured in case of following:
  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion
  • Flooding from water installations
  • Insurance against theft
  • Insurance against breakage
  • Insurance matters

Risk insurance

This insurance covers following cases:

  • Death due to illnes
  • Death due to an accident

Features of risk insurance:

  • Risk insurance is contracted as security for loans usually for (housing loans)
  • With a small premium (cost of insurance) you receive a large insurance cover (amount of the loan with declining sums of insurance which are following rest of the loan)
  • Period of contracting risk insurance is equal to the duration of the loan
  • Depending on the sum insured, which determines the amount of credit , risk insurance can be arranged with or without a medical examination depending on the conditions of Insurers
  • Risk insurance has no savings component
  • In case the insured event (the death of the client) , the family can not inherit the debt on the loan than a liability (the payment of the remaining debt on the loan) takes insurance company , in accordance with the terms of insurance.


Saving life insurance

Saving life insurance is a saving insurance of life with a savings component and covers two main insured events :

  • " Survivorship " or the expiration of a period of insurance
  • Death of the insured
  • With the contracting of basic insurance cases , it is possible to arrange additional insurance for disability due to an accident and hospital days and health care that covers the cost of treatment of severe diseases, including travel and accommodation costs in the most successful Hospitals worldwide.

Features of life insurance savings :

  • Insured chooses the dynamics of premium payment ( the cost of insurance ), which can be:
  • Monthly , quarterly , semi-annual, annual or single
  • Insured choose members life insurance policies for both the insured case.
  • After a period of life insurance , the entire sum insured with expected profit is paid to clients of insurance specified in the policy and it once .
  • In case of death due to illness the entire sum insured life insurance shall be paid a one-time insurance users , in case of death due to unfortunate events shall be paid double the sum insured .


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