Bank acts as an insurance agency for the following insurance companies:

  • Wiener Stadtische insurance
  • Generali insurance
  • DDOR


Insurance products:

  • Non-life insurance
    • property insurance
  • Life insurance
    • Risk insurance
Non-life insurance
  • Properti insurance (house, apartment, office) can be arranged as reqired collateral for housing loans, but also for individual needs.
  • Asset can be assured in case of following:
  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion
  • Flooding from water installations
  • Insurance against theft
  • Insurance against breakage
  • Insurance matters
Risk insurance

This insurance covers following cases:

  • Death due to illnes
  • Death due to an accident

Features of risk insurance:

  • Risk insurance is contracted as security for loans usually for (housing loans)
  • With a small premium (cost of insurance) you receive a large insurance cover (amount of the loan with declining sums of insurance which are following rest of the loan)
  • Period of contracting risk insurance is equal to the duration of the loan
  • Depending on the sum insured, which determines the amount of credit , risk insurance can be arranged with or without a medical examination depending on the conditions of Insurers
  • Risk insurance has no savings component
  • In case the insured event (the death of the client) , the family can not inherit the debt on the loan than a liability (the payment of the remaining debt on the loan) takes insurance company , in accordance with the terms of insurance.


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