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Offer to lessees on a suspension of leasing repayment

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Offer to lessees on a suspension of leasing repayment in accordance with a Decision on temporary measures for preserving financial system stability


Dear Clients,

The health and well-being of employees and customers is UniCredit Leasing is top priority.

In accordance with a decision of National bank of Serbia on temporary measures for preserving financial system stability, published in Official Gazette of RS No. 033/2020 from March 17th 2020  (herreif as Decision), UniCredit Leasing Serbia will introduce moratorium, the suspension of debt repayments for lessees, upon the expiration of the deadline of 10 days after the publication of this Offer. This Decision defines that suspension of debt repayment cannot be shorter than 90 days, and/or than the duration of the emergency state declared due to the pandemic in our country and it applies to all leasing debt repayments Upon the cancellation on moratorium, repayment period will be prolonged for 3 months, while contractual interest rate, calculated during the period of existence of moratorium, will be booked to the rest of the debt and spread equally until the end of the repayment period.

Besides that, in accordance with the respective Decision, during the declared emergency situation, UniCredit Leasing Serbia will not charge any penalty interest on due outstanding receivables and shall not initiate enforcement or enforced collection procedures in respect of the lessee, and/or take other legal actions to collect receivables from the lessee. Moreover, UniCredit Leasing Serbia will not charge any fee related to the implementation of this Decision.

This Decision enter into force latest by March 31st 2020 and if you accept this offer it becomes valid without necessity of visiting headquarters or informing UniCredit Leasing Serbia or signing the annex.

On the other hand, if you refuse a suspension in repayment and you wish to continue to repay your debts, it is necessary to inform UniCredit Leasing Serbia via e-mail , stating following minimum of data:

  • Name and surname / Company of lessee
  • PIN of lessee

latest 10 days after publishing this Offer. When informing UniCredit Leasing, it is necessary that lessee personally sends the request or via legal representative of the company, thus UniCredit Leasing Serbia shall not accept request sent by third parties without prior authentication given by lessee.

Important notice: Lessees who have, on their own initiative, established a standing order with commercial banks to fulfill their obligations under a financial leasing contract, it is necessary to liaise with their commercial bank and give clear instructions regarding the permanent assignment, in accordance with their decision on the (un)accepting moratorium.

If you might need additional information on implementation of this Decision, please send us an e - mail on .

UniCredit Leasing Serbia will continue to actively monitor the situation, always act in everyone’s best interest and do the right thing vis à vis all our stakeholders.

Your UniCredit Leasing Serbia ltd

Belgrade, March 21st 2020

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