Cash Management

We offer wide range of standard and tailor-made current accounts for our clients to hold their funds safe in any currencies listed by the bank.

Following any payments and receipts we send information about available balance to the account owner. By using our electronic services all transactions can be managed immediately with real-time visibility.

This service enables our clients to hold their funds with specific purposes on a separated account. Outgoing payments from an Escrow Account can be initiated only after Bank’s approval and the third party according to any agreement associated to the account.

Our unique Pa.Re.To service exempts your business for significant amount of time-consuming administrative work.
For many companies the manual reconciliation of the received credits to the current accounts represents a significant burden in their daily workload.

During this process it might be necessary to analyze and compare customer analytics and the bank account statement on item level in order to determine for which invoice or even from which customer the credit has been received.

The UniCredit Pa.Re.To provides an integrated solution, minimizing the time spent on analyzing incoming items.

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