Electronic Banking

Everything you need for your business you can perform from your office or any other place in the world – comfortably, quickly and simply!

Have you tried to calculate how much time you are wasting while filling in paper orders, looking for parking space, searching through tens of pages of statements?
Would you like quick access to your balances, more secure business, easier transaction analysis?
In other words, your company needs electronic banking.

Electronic banking is the modern way of communicating with the bank.

Daily payments are completed much faster, in a matter of seconds. You have direct access to your account balances, current transfers, and exchange rates. The data can be used for further processing in one of popular spreadsheet or accounting programs. The security is guaranteed. All communication with the bank is encrypted and signed by the sender, so every action can be traced.

Provide yourself with a set of innovative banking services with a single click of the mouse for:

  • Domestic payments
  • Foreign payments
  • Value dates in the future
  • Remote order authorization
  • Real-time balance queries
  • Account statements analysis
  • Preparing all requests to the Bank
  • Electronic message exchange with the bank.
  • Accessing accounts using only a web browser, username and password.

UniCredit e-b@nking system represents our local solution for electronic banking. This is highly secured and easy to use application which is designed according to your demands.


UniCredit e-b@nking application is standalone application, connecting to the bank only when needed. This solution showed to be a good practice because no permanent internet connection is required to work with the program. Most of the operations can be completed offline – prepare orders, sign them, analyze transfers – and connect to the bank only when really necessary.

If you have a permanent internet link, you can access the bank’s server via the public network, but if you have a dial-in connection or you just have a modem, you can connect directly to the bank’s server, without spending internet time.

Changing the access method is simple, and can be performed by the user (if, for example, one has a laptop computer which is sometimes connected to LAN and sometimes to a phone line)

UniCredit e-b@nking software can be installed on any Pentium computer using Windows operating system, so there is no need for additional investments in computer equipment.

In practice, advantages of UniCredit e-b@nking solution are quickly recognized:

  • Data about your clients are stored in the electronic address book, and are easily retrieved when filling in a payment order.
  • Previously sent orders can be saved and re-used (periodical payments to regular clients, salaries, etc.)
  • Order value dates can be up to 30 days in the future
  • Orders can be signed from a remote location (other office or country) by using WEB e-banking
  • Sending foreign payment orders (VP70), from foreign or dinar account (with automatic conversion)
  • Connecting with existing accounting software is simple (statement export in own format or delivering SWIFT MT940 files).
  • Electronic payment orders are less expensive than paper ones.

UniCredit e-b@nking offers to you very simple method of user authorization. There are two groups of e-banking users. One group has unrestricted access on the system and second group has all rights except signature right.

Signature category and daily and transaction limits of the users are subject to the specimen card.

Except signature right, which can be optional, following rights are default for all users:

  1. Payment input
  2. Sending payment
  3. Receiving and reviewing Bank reports
  4. Software administration (deleting old Bank reports and payments, starting program update etc.)

Except standard signature method, in UniCredit e-b@nking application you can sign payments remotely using WEB e-banking interface. When using this method, prepared payment orders can be sent to the Bank where they would await the signature(s). When signing remotely payments, the authorised person accesses the Bank’s server from a remote location using an internet browser, and signs them using only encryption software, smartcard and a reader.

Technical characteristics of the system

Workstation / Client:

  • PC Pentium
  • WINDOWS OS (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) operating on 300 MHz with at least 32 MB RAM
  • Internet access or a modem connected to a phone line
  • Smart card reader (provided by the bank)

Communication channel:

  • TCP/IP, IP ports 3600 and 3604
  • RSA 1024-bit encryption (smart cards)

UniCredit Bank E-banking system is envisaged having in mind highest security standards. Information exchanged with the bank is protected and cannot be eavesdropped, altered or simulated.

  • All sensitive communication is encrypted. Using RSA algorithm with a 1024-bit long key guarantees a high level of protection. If the communication is intercepted the collected data will be unreadable, and therefore unusable.
  • All messages (payment orders, queries etc) are digitally signed, which enables the Bank to identify the sender and validate validity of the message. Within the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) the receiver can be certain who is sending the message, and whether it arrived complete and unaltered.
  • Encryption takes place outside the computer. The encryption process is entirely executed on the smart card. There is no possibility to read the public key from the card. Thanks to this mechanism, no malware (a virus, trojan or similar) can take over the e-banking software, i.e. have control over your accounts.
  • Combined protection – smart card & pin code. When starting the program and connecting to the Bank, the PIN code is required. In this way you are protected from the situation when the card is left in the reader, and an unauthorized person tries to use it.

How do I begin?

After you have decided to entrust us the electronic banking needs of your company, please fill in the Request for UniCredit e-b@nking and all additional documentation, and send it to your Account Manager.

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