SMS Info

With this service, you can review balances on your accounts, 24h per day, 7 days per week, only by using your mobile phone.

Fast and simple

  • With SMS Info service you have an access to your bank accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • This service saves your time and money because you don’t need to contact Call Center operator in order to get your account balance or if you expecting inflow on your account.
  • In order to become SMS Info user, it is necessary to have opened one of the Account Packages in UniCredit Bank with current account included and mobile telephone connected to the one of local Serbian mobile operators as well!
  • SMS Info service of UniCredit Bank offers to you two type of messages:
    • Free automatic messages
    • On-demand messages
  • SMS Info service is part of UniCredit account package and it is not charged additionally.


Free automatic messages

SMS Info service automatically informs you about:

  • Each non-cash inflow on one of your current accounts shortly after the income is booked on the account. Example: SMS Info: Na Vaš racun 12345678901 je uplaceno 10.000,00 RSD. Your Bank
  • Current account overdraft limit expiry 15 days before date of expiry. Example: SMS Info: Obaveštavamo Vas da dd/mm/gg istice dozvoljeno prekoracenje za Vaš racun 12345678901. Vaša banka.
  • Loan repayment . Example: SMS Info: Obaveštavamo Vas da Vam za 5 radnih dana dospeva rata kredita. Vaša banka
  • Bank latest news

Thanks to the SMS Info service you will be first to receive our Good News, in other words you will be first to know all about our new products and services.

On-demand messages

If you are not sure what the current account balance is, after our income notification message that your account is credited for 10.000,00 RSD, you can simply send on-demand message for balance inquiry and in few moments you will receive balance information on requested account.

On short number: 5332 from any local mobile network you can send message:

  • Example: STA 12345678901
  • Response will be: SMS Info: Stanje RSD racuna 12345678901 za dd/mm/gg je 15.000,00. Raspoloživi iznos je 12.000,00. Poslednja uplata: 10.000,00, 22/06/07. Explanation: Balance on your account is booked balance and available amount is booked balance reduced for eventual reservation (credit cards, outstanding payment orders etc).

In case that you lose your mobile phone device or change mobile phone number, please inform nearest UniCredit Bank branch at short notice. That way we will be able to prevent your account data to be available to unauthorized persons. If you wish your Bank always be handy, please visit your UniCredit Bank branch and fill out SMS Info request.

  • For accounts in dinar currency (current account) it is not necessary to type complete account number! If the number of your current dinar account is: 170-001234567890165, it is necessary to type only “STA 12345678901”
  • For accounts in foreign currencies (EUR, CHF, USD…) you have to enter account number in form you will find on card received in UniCredit Bank during account opening procedure.

In case you have credit in our Bank in foreign currency and you wish to calculate monthly installment, or in case you are traveling to abroad and you wish to buy euro, on your request SMS Info service will deliver exchange rate on your mobile phone! Beside UniCredit Bank exchange rate, exchange rate of Central Bank of Serbia will be delivered to you as well!

  • On short number 5332 from any local mobile network send the following message:
  • Example: KL EUR
  • Response will be:
  • Example: SMS Info: UniCredit Bank (EUR), K: 80.692 S: 81.672
    P: 82.652 NBS (EUR) K: 81.417 S: 81.672 P 82.917


In case you want to receive exchange rate information for any currency it is necessary to type KL ThreeCharacterCurrencyCode in other words KL USD or KL CHF

You can receive exchange rate information of UniCredit bank and Central Bank of Serbia.

Abbreviations are following: K – Buying rate, S – Middle rate and P – Selling rate

Account number given in examples is fictive; please use your own account numbers instead.

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