RIA money transfer

Transactions are paid in Euros for just a few minutes from the moment of sending.

Ria is the third largest money transfer company in the world, and it is a part of the business that transferring more than 600 billion dollars annually.

Ria exists thanks to the dream of 250 million migrants who have left their homes in search for a better life. It was founded in 1987 and today the company employs more than 3,000 people. Ria serves clients who require safe, reliable and affordable way to send money to loved ones. Ria network covers more than 150 countries, at more than 310,000 locations around the world.

Ria money transfer is based on modern technologies that enable safe and fast money transfer from distant parts of the world.

Transactions are paid in Euros for just a few minutes from the moment of sending. For the recipient no additional cost, considering the fact that the fee is paid when you are sending money.

Ria was named in 2015 the best company for the transfer of money by the International Association of money transfer companies. (http://www.iamtn.org).

Receiving money

  • Currently is available only receiving money via Ria in Serbia, since the current legal regulations does not allow sending money this way outside our country.
  • Clients only can receive money in Euros, with a limit of 5,000 euros per transaction.
  • Money is available immediately after sending. *
  • Recipient of Ria transfer can be an adult individual, resident or nonresident, who possesses a valid personal identification document: ID card, passport or refugee identity card or the identity card of a displaced person.
  • For Ria transfer recipient there is no extra cost. The commission is charged when you send money and it is paid by consignator.

What is necessary for withdraw money?

For withdrawing money it is not necessary to have opened account in UniCredit Bank.

  • Money sender must deliver informations to recipient about PIN number of transaction, name and surname of a sender.
  • Money withdraw via Ria transfer is possible in personal at any branch of UniCredit Bank. Recipient of funds needs to know the following information:
  • Name and surname of sender
  • Single-digit PIN number of transaction **
  • After presenting necessary information, bank officer will give you money and certificate about money transfer.

*Depending on working hours of branches and time zones.

** PIN transaction number is a unique number that is generated in the Ria system when you are sending money and every monetary transaction has its own unique PIN number.

Necessary documentation

  • For residents: ID card, passport, refugee card, or identity card of displaced person
  • For non-residents: passport
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