Shopping in installments, without interest rate

For all users of Mastercard® and DinaCard credit cards, we have created a new feature – shopping in installments without interest rate!

You only need to send SMS Massage with number of installments in which you want to divide a transaction and everything else will be done by us. We do not tell you where buy, it is possible to pay in installments all transactions, not just in the country but also abroad! Even when you withdraw cash from ATM and pay back regularly in due time, of course no interest will be charged!

  • To use one of the credit cards from Mastercard or DinaCard programs issued by UniCredit Bank
  • To use SMS Card Alarm service
  • To have available funds on your credit card
  • To save SMS massage which you receive after executed transaction which you want to divide in installments
  • Paying in installment is possible for all transactions which are concluded in the country or abroad, no meter where they were concluded – on POS terminals or ATMs
  • You are not obliged to make the decision on installments immediately; you can do it during the current month.
  • Your installments are with no interest when paid regularly in due time.
How to buy in installments
  • In order to divide a transaction in 3, 6 or 12 equal monthly installments it is necessary to forward SMS transaction notice received via SMS Card Alarm with the transaction details, and at the beginning of message add text RATE 3, RATE 6, RATE 9 or RATE 12 (depending how many installments you want)
  • SMS massage with the option forward and send it to a Banka at number 5332 and after that you will receive another SMS message/confirmation that your request is accepted (SMS will be charged RSD 6 + price of regular message of Mobile Provider with VAT)
  • In case that your request is not accepted for any reason, you will receive a massage about the reason why it was not accepted
  • SMS Massage to the Bank has to be sent for each transaction which you want to divide in installments.
  • For this service you need to pay only one time fee - RSD 500.00 if you want to pay in 3 or 6 installments, RSD 1000.00 RSD in 12 rata installments
  • The maturity of the one-time charges in the following month and the payment is made at the same time when the first installment rate is to be collected
  • Your installments are without interest rate if you pay them back in time and fully
  • Minimal amount of the transaction is RSD 3.000, both for POS terminal and ATM
Model Loan amount
NIR annually EIR annually One-time fee
Repayment of principal for 6 months
Accrued interest for 6 months Total
Revolving payment 6 month RSD 60,000
24.74% RSD 0
RSD 60,000
RSD 4,393.27
Payment in installments 1/6 RSD 60,000
0% RSD 500
RSD 60,000
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