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The electricity bill is something you can easily change and reduce in order to save money in the household budget. How? Provide yourself with the most modern washing machines and dishwashers and program them to turn on while you sleep. In the era of television signals digitalization, treat yourself with LCD television that will take you to the most hidden destinations of the world and show dishes which smell and taste you will be able to experience!


Whitin our offer, select Cash loan to a maximum amount of RSD 1 million, or EUR 10,000, with fixed or variable interest rates, with a maximum repayment period of five to ten years with the transfer of incomes.


Depending on your needs and possibilities, you can choose Consumer loan in dinars, with a fixed or variable interest rate, to a maximum amount of RSD 800,000 and a repayment period of 72 months with transfer income. Also, you can choose Consumer Loan indexed in EUR, to a maximum amount of EUR 10,000, with a deposit or down payment of 30%.


By using MasterCard and DinaCard credit cards, you can buy anything you want, at home or abroad, in 3, 6 or 12 monthly installments without interest rates. Just send us a SMS with the number of installments in which you want the transaction to be divided, and the rest is our concern. Even when you withdraw cash from UniCredit Bank’s ATM, you return the amount within the deadline, of course, without interest rates!

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Make your banking transactions anytime and anywhere, from home, at work, while you are walking around town or on a lunch break, at home and abroad. With UniCredit Bank e-banking service, everything is much easier.

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