We are one of the largest and most important European financial institutions

Strongly rooted in 16 European countries, present at the most important international markets and having portfolio widely spreading through business and geographic lines, we are one of main players in world banking scene.

We foster diversity

UniCredit is composed of more than 119,000 people and diversity is the key point of our management strategy. We encourage mobility and increase the share of female managerial positions.


We hold close to our clients

UniCredit has the largest branch network in Central and Eastern Europe and deep roots in all regions in which it operates. This allows a full range of banking services to our clients.


We are proud of our values

Fairness, transparency, respect, reciprocity, trust and freedom of action are values that constitute UniCredit Integrity Chart. That is the base of our integrity which allows us to be enterprise and responsible to each other, to our clients and stakeholders.


We see an opportunity in every change

Through expansion and evolution over the past ten years we have grown from a network of Italian banks into a multinational financial institution with a distinctly European character. By embracing changes and challenges, we create and use new opportunities.


We care about people

People are core of our Bank. In addition to investing in your career and professional development, we stand next to you in variety of important life moments.


We appreciate initiative and responsibility

When we choose people, we choose those who believe they can do more, are focused on achieving results and are eager for new knowledge.


We develop talents

We invest in identification and development of talents at the very beginning of their career giving them opportunity to grow both locally and internationally. The best example of our talent care is international development program of UniCredit Bank – Uniquest.


We build leaders

We are the Bank which develops leaders internally. UniCredit has different programs of learning intended for directors of all levels.

UniCredit we have developed several distinct programs tailored for specific leadership development stages at all levels of management.

Our leadership competency model is applied throughout Group, setting standards for competencies, professional behavior and personal attitudes proper to UniCredit.


We foster a culture of permanent learning

We believe that learning is lifetime process. Open mind intended to learn is creative mind at the same time, which recognizes challenges. UniManagement center for learning in Turin develops innovative and flexible educational programs dedicated for specialization of our people.

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