Micro marketing projects

Working with local communities is one of the main mission of the UniCredit. Over the past five years in the framework of the project "Micro Marketing Budget" significant funds has been set to support the initiatives of great importance for the cities in which we operate. The idea was to met with a very positive response both at colleagues, who work in the network, citizens and local institutions. Therefore, this practice will continue this year.

Some of our micro marketing projects are: Borini Dani in Vranje, Mokranjcevi Dani in Negotin, Dani Zorana Radmilovica in Zajecar, as well as, Vukov sabor in Loznica, Grozdjebal in Vrsac, Children's Carnival in Paracin, Somborski kotlic, Dani ludaje in Kikinda,Karneval starovremenskog automobila Novi Sad and football tournament in Novi Pazar, and other events in the cities where we operate.

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