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Representatives of Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac, UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bank presented the winners of the competition ‘Idea for a Better Tomorrow’. The goal of the competition was identifying the ideas for products or services which can contribute in the best way to the improvement of Serbia’s image in the region and abroad, and at the same time influence the improvement of country’s export potential. In the period from November 7th until December 26th social companies, small cooperatives, companies employing marginalized and vulnerable groups and individuals, as well as families and individuals, applied with 230 ideas. In basis of the innovative aspect of the these ideas and sustainability of the project, 9 best candidates were chosen which were awarded with grants in the overall amount of EUR 56,000. This project is supported by Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) and Tourism Organization of Serbia (TOS).

The jury has chosen 7 candidates with the best ideas, three from the category of legal entities and four from the category of individuals/families, while UniCredit Bank employees, who were also involved in the voting process, have chosen one winner from both categories. In the category of legal entities awards went to „Strawberry Energy“ for the production of Strawberry mini SOS device, to „Serbian Film Association“ for the development of data base of movie locations in Serbia, to Studio „Štap&kanap“ for the production of jam made of chili peppers, as well as to Association „Old crafts for a new age“ for the adaptation of souvenir shop in Prijepolje. When talking about individuals and families grants were awarded to Miloš Erceg for Kapris goat cheeses, to Mirjana Luković for organic production of raspberries, to Nikola Ninkov for the production of cold-pressed sunflower and soybean oil, to Slađana Pajović for the foundation of social enterprise for production, promotion and sale of typical Serbian handicrafts, as well as to Slavica Vračarić for the production of healthy food, characteristic for Kremna area. Legal entities were awarded with the overall amount of EUR 34,000, while individuals and families received EUR 22,000.

Project „Idea for a Better Tomorrow“ is organized in several phases, while its expected duration is 10 months. In the first phase, which lasted from November 7th until December 26th, the defined categories applied with their ideas which, according to their opinion, could promote Serbia abroad in the best way. After the expiry of the application period, jury has chosen 39 best ideas from the categories of legal entities and individuals/families. In the second phase, experts worked with 39 selected candidates on the development of business plan. Afterwards, the jury has chosen the winners. In order to ensure successful implementation of the ideas, in the next phase, the monitoring of winning projects will be conducted.

More about competition’s winners learn above.

WINNERS 2013. PDF 263 kB Download

Sometimes we are not sure if our idea is good enough and that prevent us to say it out loud. However, if we don’t try, it will never see the day light. Therefore send us the ideas that in the best way represent Serbia, and within the competition “Idea for Better Tomorrow”, we will try to put them into practice.

The second edition of competition “Idea for Better Tomorrow” is conducted by Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac, UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bank, with the support of Smart Kolektiv and National Tourism Organization of Serbia. Total financial fund for allocation of grants amounts EUR 45,000 and it is intended to encourage innovative ideas for development of products and services which can contribute to promotion of positive image of Serbia abroad and increase its export potential.

Competition is created with the aim to contribute to development of social entrepreneurship, enterprises which recruit marginalized and vulnerable groups, as well as development of existing business.

For grants in amount from EUR 5,000 until 10,000 can apply

  • Social enterprises
  • Enterprises which generate income by producing and selling goods and services and have social goal as main reason of their economic activities (recruiting marginalizes and socially vulnerable groups, providing services to vulnerable groups of population, investing part of the profit into the community in which they operate, investing in environmental protection, etc.)
  • Enterprises which reinvest part of their profit in order to reach their social goal
  • Small cooperatives, civic associations, limited liability companies, handcraft workshops, etc.

Competition „Idea for Better Tomorrow“ is organized in several phases and it will last 10 months. Within the first phase, from November 27th until December 30th, specified categories will have possibility to submit their ideas. During the second phase, the commission will choose 20 candidates which suggested best ideas and with them the experts will work on development of business plans. After creation and evaluation of business plans, expert committee will, based on innovation of ideas and project sustainability, choose the best ones.

What contains application? Where to find information about necessary documentation?

Integral part the application consists of:

  • Elementary documentation
  • Required supporting documentation
  • Other preferable documentation

Where and how to submit the application?

The application must be submitted in a sealed envelope, protected from damage that can occur during transport. It is essential that all required, preferred and supporting documentation is submitted in one envelope or package.

Applicants may submit only one request for grants and for only one business activity. At the competition cannot participate again the winners of the previous edition of „Idea for Better Tomorrow“.

Application is submitted by mail to the following address

Fondacija Ana i Vlade Divac
Ilije Garašanina 53a/7
11000 Beograd

Application deadline: December 30th 2014

Please note that applications sent in any other way, for example by fax or e-mail, or those delivered to other addresses will not be taken into the consideration.

You need any additional information?

Answers on all questions regarding the application procedure, as well as all additional information you can receive:

  • Every work day from 1 PM till 3 PM, by phone 063/436–310 or
  • by e-mail address:


OPEN CALL PDF 223 kB Download
GUIDELINES PDF 493 kB Download

Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac, UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bank, in cooperation with Smart kolektiv and National Tourism Organization, within the competition “Idea for better tomorrow”, have chosen, from a total number of 67 submitted applications, 20 best candidates. During the duration of the second phase of the competition, in April, the experts will work with candidates on creation of their business plans. After the preparation and evaluation of business plans, the expert committee will choose the best ones, based on innovation of proposed ideas and sustainability of the project, to whom will, by the beginning of June, be allocated grants in amount from EUR 5,000 till 10,000, which is an overall amount of EUR 45,000.

In the competition, which has the aim to contribute to the development of social and existing business, could participate social enterprises, enterprises generating income by producing and selling of goods and services that have a social purpose as the main reason of their activities, enterprises reinvesting a part of their profit for achieving the social goal, small cooperatives, civic associations, limited liability companies, craft workshops, etc.
All these categories, in a period from November 27th till December 30th 2014, could submit applications for their ideas which also contribute to the promotion of positive image of Serbia abroad and increase of its export potential. After the first phase, the expert committee, in accordance with previously defined parameters for project evaluation, such as project management capacity, the importance for the community feasibility, sustainability, compliance with the objectives and priorities of the competition, the budget and the general impression, selected 25 candidates. The committee visited the selected candidates in order to be assured of the possibility the implementation of proposed ideas.

Snežana Divac, president of Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac stated: “We are very happy that we have received a huge number of very interesting ideas, from jewelry making through environmental thermal insulation materials to the processing of medicinal herbs. Once again, candidates have proven that our citizens do not lack ideas, but only a small incentive for it in order to make them alive.”


20 FINALIST PDF 328 KB Download

June 10th Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac, UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bank, in cooperation with Smart Kolektiv and National Tourism Organization of Serbia, presented the winners of second edition of competition “Idea for better tomorrow”. It has been selected 7 ideas for products and services which can improve image of Serbia in the region and abroad, and to which have received grants in total amount of EUR 45,000.

With aim to contribute to development of social entrepreneurship and existing business, the competition is launched November 27th 2015 and until December 30th totally 67 applications were registered. During the second phase the commission selected 20 finalists which suggested best ideas and with who the experts worked on development of business plans. After the creation and evaluation of business plans, expert commission, based on innovation of ideas and sustainability of projects, selected 6 winning ones, while over 200 employees of UniCredit Bank have chosen the seventh.

1. The Commission unanimously decided to allocate the grants totally worth EUR 40,000 to the following finalists:

2. Association "Optimist" from Bosilegrad – EUR 7,500

3. The Association for Support of Persons with Developmental Disabilities "Naša kuća" from Belgrade – EUR 7,200

4. SZR "Sofi" from Novi Sad – EUR 7,000

5. Citizens' Association for the fight against human trafficking and all forms of violence against women "Atina" from Belgrade – EUR 3,500

6. "Daj Daj", Belgrade - EUR 8,000

7. Carpenter shop "Šumarko" from Valjevo – EUR 6,800

This time, UniCredit Bank’s employees have chosen to allocate the grant of EUR 5,000 to Association of Social Cooperatives homemade "Bosiljak" from Čačak.

More information about the winners you may find on this link.

Within the second edition of competition "Idea for a better tomorrow", Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bank, last weekend we organized Media caravan during which they visited three out of seven winners of the competion.

Media caravan participants had the opportunity to meet the Association for Support of Persons with Developmental Disabilities "Naša kuća" from Belgrade, Craft shop "Sofi" from Novi Sad and carpenter store "Šumarko" from Valjevo, which, thanks to educational trainings and grants provided during the competition, managed to improve their business.

Association for providing support to Persons with developmental disabilities "Naša kuća", for the improvement of services of Kuhinja na točkovima by launching Sweet line, respectively production of ČokoŠljiva – ChocolatePlum, was allocated with grant in amount of EUR 7,200. Thanks to the engagement of additional employees and cooperation with pastry shops, participants of Media caravan had the opportunity to try this unusual candy. Besides the fact that ČokoŠljiva will become part of standard catering menu of Kuhinja na točkovima, this product will be also available in certain stores, hotels and restaurants.

Tamara Milojević, manager of Kuhinja na točkovima, during a visit of Media caravan stated: "We are very proud that our idea is selected as one of the best and that we got the opportunity to expand our services of Kuhinja na točkovima, especially that now we have the ability to hire more people with developmental disabilities and to increase the number of free meals to socially vulnerable categories in the territory of Belgrade."

Craft shop "Sofi" received a grant in amount of EUR 7,000 for improvement and expansion of the product line with production of natural creams. As well as other Sofi's products, the production of these creams will include only natural materials, high-quality vegetable and essential oils without synthetic fragrances, preservatives and paraffin oil. In addition, new creams will be tested and approved by the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina. While waiting for the delivery of machines, which will enable them to start production, Sofi has fulfilled another aspect of "Idea for a better tomorrow" competition and its business plan and hired one person with disabilities in production department.

Goran Šoć, owner of Craft shop Sofi, on this occasion stated: "Thanks to a grant received within this contest, we are able to expand the range of healthy cosmetics at prices affordable for the citizens of Serbia. We believe that these creams, thanks to the natural composition and interesting packaging design, will allow us to become more recognizable on the domestic market, but also to qualify us at some of the foreign ones."

Carpenter store "Šumarko" was awarded with a grant in the amount of EUR 6,800 for the purchase of machinery for wood, which would increase the scope and effectiveness of production of toys for children. Thanks to these funds, they have already managed to increase production and to reduce time and costs of production, as well as, thanks to cooperation with other wood companies, to develop a plan of product placement on foreign markets, such as German, Swiss and French. Also, as predicted in their business plan and social concept of the contest, they realized the intended donation and equiped with wooden toys a newly opened kindergarten in Valjevo.

On the occasion of Media caravan visit, Marko Srećković, owner of the carpenter store Šumarko, stated: „First of all I would like to express my great satisfaction, that we, thanks to allocation of funds, had managed to equip newly opened kindergarten in Valjevo with our toys. Our goal remains that we, by producing toys made of natural materials and colors, make a positive impact on children's development and provide support to the development of children with disabilities. By expanding our production, we will have the opportunity to provide toys for many children in Serbia.“

Further information in regards to business development of winners you may find bellow:

Our small producers conquering Europe

Succesful Idea for better tomorrow Handmade shape of life

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