We engage with our customers on a continuous basis in order to understand better their everyday realities and the challenges they have to face as individuals, families or companies.


This helps us build, develop and improve our range of products and services and increase our knowledge of their experience with us so that we can respond swiftly to their material needs of proximity, dynamism, simplicity and transparency, and service quality.

UniCredit serves a wide range of businesses from small start-up ventures with a few employees to the largest global corporations. We strive to support the domestic and international growth of both small and large companies, thus contributing to economic development and job creation in the countries where we operate.


Customer Proximity

  • Understanding customers through listening and dialogue thus making our business more effective
  • Improving our service models to become closer to our customers


Dynamic Bank

  • Improving the accessibility of our products and services through innovation to take advantage of new technological developments


Simplicity and Service Quality

  • Shortening our response times by simplifying processes and procedures
  • Offering superior professional skills and expertise to provide distinctive service


Support to Business

  • Supporting startups to boost new entrepreneurship
  • Fostering growth of companies and countries
  • Accompanying businesses as they expand to compete both locally and international

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