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Electronic banking

Have you tried calculating how much time you are wasting while filling in paper orders, looking for parking space, searching through tens of pages of statements? Would you like quick access to your balances, more secure business, easier transaction analysis? In other words, your company needs electronic banking.

Electronic banking is the modern way of communicating with the bank. Everything you need you can be done from your office or any other place in the world – comfortably, quickly and simply!

Daily payments are completed much faster, in a matter of seconds. You have direct access to your account balances, current transfers, and exchange rates. The data can be used for further processing in one of popular spreadsheet or accounting programs. The security is guaranteed. All communication with the bank is encrypted and signed by the sender, so every action can be traced.

Provide yourself with a set of innovative banking services with a single click of the mouse for:

  • Domestic payments
  • Foreign payments
  • Value dates in the future
  • Remote order authorization
  • Real-time balance queries
  • Account statements analysis
  • Preparing all requests to the Bank
  • Electronic message exchange with the bank.
  • Accessing accounts using only a web browser, username and password.


UniCredit e-b@nking

UniCredit e-b@nking system represents our local solution for electronic banking. This is highly secured and easy to use application which is designed according to your demands.

M banking

New M banking service of UniCredit Bank provides you to completely control your finances through your mobile phone. Make your payments in the move, fast and safe, with no limits and with the access to your account 24 hours, 7 days in a week!


MultiCash system, our second e-banking solution for corporate clients, represents very comfortable e-banking solution for our international clients. By using this system they are able to manage accounts held in number of Banks, members of UniCredit Group.

Online Bank

Online Bank is our third electronic banking system for our retail clients. This is easy to use, highly secured application available from all operating systems. For access to the system, only token device (one-time password generator) and personal identification are needed.

SMS Info

SMS Info is our latest product. With this service, you can review balances on your accounts, 24h per day, 7 days per week, only by using your mobile phone.

Exchange rates
17. Apr 2014. Cash
EUR 112,740 118,285
USD 80,386 86,563
CHF 92,320 97,443